5 Must-Have Décor Staples

5 Must-Have Décor Staples

Woohoo! You’re engaged…time to pop the champagne, celebrate with family and tell all your friends. It is an exciting time and you should soak up every moment of it! Once you do, it is time to start the wedding planning. There is a lot that goes into planning, so we wanted to remind you that it is best to start with the basics and then go into the details.

A wedding has several events attached to it such as the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and a rehearsal dinner. Keep in mind that bridal shower decorations have some overlap with wedding decorations. If you want to plan a party on a budget, we recommend you search for “décor rentals near me” or download the ROGO app to rent for your event.

We are so excited to share our perspective but remember, this is your wedding so choose what resonates most with you to make your special day the most authentic to you & your partner. That said, lets dive in!

Welcome Sign: Think of the experience from the very beginning, right as guests arrive at the venue it is reassuring to see a sign. It is romantic and gets them excited but it is also reassuring that they are indeed in the right place. That said, one thing people sometimes forget when they plan for a sign is to get an easel to hold it too!

Photo Booth or Backdrop: Every guest wants a photo memory of this special day! AS the bride, you also want to see those memories captured perfectly. To ensure a quality photo memory, set up a booth or backdrop to ensure you easily capture the moment without any accidental photobombers.

Family Remembrance Table: This is such a special touch to any wedding and a sweet way to include those who have passed to the other side. If you haven’t heard of this idea, you are in for a treat! Simply put, it is a table that that has framed photos of your family members who have passed away. Start with a table, a table cloth, place the frames on the table and add some candles and/or flowers to pull it all together.

Cake Table: The cake-cutting is a staple memory for you and your partner. Often times you focus your energy on picking the cake that you forget about decorating the cake table! The great news is that with a few elements, you can craft the perfect stage for your cake. Our recommendations include: aside from florals you can get a beautiful spatula or champagne glasses to add dimension. Amazon has some great options including this set that has both!

Table Centerpiece: Depending on if you have round tables or long rectangular ones, your choice may vary but to keep things simple we recommend something simple like a floral arrangement and/or candles but something that doesn’t block the view of others at the table so that conversations are easy-flowing.

Well, there you have it! The 5 must have décor items for your wedding. Start with these basics and add details to each to make it wedding day perfect. Remember, you can plan an affordable event without sacrificing the aesthetic. Ask your friends to borrow items or download the ROGO app to rent for your event and find event rentals near you.

We would love to hear your thoughts and which pieces you want to include on your wedding day! Send us a message on Instagram @rogo_rent and we would love to see if we can help you find those missing pieces on the ROGO app. Cheers to you & your forever!