How does ROGO work?

ROGO connects vendors & renters to one another for rental needs. Vendors post their items with rental details and the renter submits a rental request if they like what they see! The vendor must approve a request to finalize the transaction.

Is ROGO free to use?

The app is free to download. Renters only pay the rental fee posted by lenders, no hidden fees. Vendors are charged a 15% service fee to help operations continue to run smoothly.

Why do I need to create a STRIPE account?

Only vendors need to complete a STRIPE account for safe and secure payment processing.

What payments are accepted?

ROGO requires a valid credit card.

Where is ROGO available?

ROGO is available to download anywhere in the USA. As a new app, not all locations will have a large inventory so we encourage everyone to share with their friends so we can keep building our community.

How do I get my rental?

Each post identifies a “Pick-Up/Drop-Off” preference by the vendor. If you are unsure or need a modification, send the lender a message! Make sure you are comfortable with the exchange process before submitting your rental request.

What if I need to modify my request?

Message your vendors about any modification requests. If you ever run into issues, you can message our team at support@rogorent.com or find the Get Help button.

What if I have a tech glitch or suggestion for improving the app?

We want your feedback! Go to your profile tab and select the Send Feedback button. Another way is to shake your phone and you will see the same prompt to leave feedback.

What if my item is stolen?

If your item is broken, lost or stolen – you can submit a BLS report against the renter. Renters are held financially responsible. See “What is BLS” for more details.

What is BLS?

BLS stands for Broken, Lost, Stolen. When a vendor post their item, they set a daily rental price as well as a BLS price which indicated the fair market value of their item. If an item is broken, lost or stolen then the vendor submits a BLS report to the renter and the renter is held responsible.

What if my item is damaged but not broken?


As a vendor, you can submit a partial BLS by identifying the percentage of BLS to charge. For more details, email your questions to our support team support@rogorent.com

What to do when I get a BLS report alert?

This means the item you rented was damaged or never returned. Not all BLS reports charge 100% so make sure to review what you are being charged. If you have questions, message your vendor! If you need support, email our team support@rogorent.com.

Only if you believe the BLS to be false, click Report Vendor button. Otherwise, select Acknowledge. If you do nothing, you will be charged after 72 hours.

What if I have a bad rental experience?

We encourage everyone to leave a review. Please note that you have 72 hours after confirming a drop-off to leave a review. During this time, neither party can see the review left for them. After this timeframe, reviews are posted and the ability to leave a review is closed.

Are there any restrictions on what I can post?

Yes, we do not allow any illegal activity or inappropriate posts. See our terms & conditions. ROGO reserves the right to delete posts that break our community guidelines or suspend/delete accounts.

What if I have another question?

We love your questions! Send us an email to support@rogorent.com and our team will be sure to respond!