Bridal Shower Themes Sure to WOW!

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of planning a bridal shower, you’re more than likely going through the stressful stages of what it should look like and your best options. This is only happening once for someone you love, which can be a lot of pressure! We want to help alleviate that pressure and tell you right now…you got this.

That said, we won’t leave you flying solo! The first thing to remember is that you know and love this person so the key is to find the best theme fit of the bride’s energy and personality.

To start, write down a few things you know about the bride such as:

  • Her favorite color(s)

  • What her hobbies are

  • Her favorite weekend activities

  • Her favorite places to visit (or her dream destinations)

  • Her favorite season

  • Her style. Is it girly? Sporty? Does she prefer darker or lighter colors?

These kinds of questions can really tell you what kind of theme is perfect for your bride!

There are so many great ideas you may come up with. If you are feeling stuck though, here is our top 4 bridal shower themes that are sure to impress:

  1. Butterfly Chic: For the romantic and dreamy bride, go with a whimsical bridal shower with romantic colors such as lavender and rose tones, details of beautiful butterflies on desserts as well as incorporated into a photo backdrop. If you don’t have a backdrop, you can rent one for your event. Find the perfect rental on the ROGO app by browsing backdrops near you!

  2. Glitter and Glitz: For the wild & free bride, this theme is a must! It is bold, sparkly and unforgettable…just like your bride. Disco balls are trending and more than one statement piece but rather as drinking cups, décor elements in floral arrangements and photo backdrops. Aside from this glitz, neon signs are the perfect combo to really set the party mood for all your guests. Keep colors vibrant and fun or neutral, you really cannot lose with this theme. We see renters requesting disco ball rentals, if you have them, post them on the ROGO app and earn money throughout the year!

  3. Picnic Boho: For the nature-loving bride, go for a boho-chic energy! Your bride will appreciate an easy-going picnic that captures the beauty of the outdoors while staying special with a bohemian flare to the details. Add a peacock chair to help her stand out, some wicker baskets as décor that can be filled with beautiful faux bouquets you can use again and again. We recommend saving by going to a Goodwill to find some unique pieces, or when in doubt…ROGO app can help you find the perfect rental.

  4. Classy and Sassy: For the bold and beautiful bride – keep it classy with a cocktail party! The memo should include a red-carpet ready look and the décor should be bold with contrasting colors of black, gold, silver and red. Add gold candle sticks, elegant cocktail table covers, white floral arrangements are sure to wow your bride. Pro-tip: Find a rooftop as the venue so you can light candles for an extra romantic feel.

  5. Brunch and Bubbles: For the sweetheart bride, a brunch and bubbles theme is perfect! You can host it earlier in the day but fret not…for Mimosas should absolutely be on the menu. Add flare by renting a champagne wall that is sure to WOW everyone and can also double as a photo backdrop to take a fun polaroid! You might have guessed it…but find the best deal for your budget on the ROGO app.

We hope this inspired and empowered you to move forward with party planning! Remember to find the fun in the theme you’ve chosen and do it from a place of love, the energy from your heart will speak volumes and the fact that you SLAYED the theme is the icing on the cake. We know your bride will LOVE the shower you hosted and we would love to see your event so tag us on @rogo_rent so we can celebrate with you!