Décor for the DIY Bride

Planning a wedding should be fun! It can be easy to stress out about the expenses that add up and but another approach is to find creative ways to stay within budget while having fun along the way. Today we share with you a FUN way to cut down costs without sacrificing the elegance of your special day. You won’t believe this advice but it starts with getting your (or your fiancés) favorite cocktail started.

If you and your sweetheart enjoy a whiskey-based drink, get to making those whiskey sours so you are left with an empty bottle and let’s begin.

  1. Rinse: Rinse out the container thoroughly! For best results, fill your bottle with warm water & 1 tablespoon of baking soda and swirl it around for a minute. Then, let it soak for a few hours and come back to rinse it out with hot water and soap.

  2. Aesthetic: Decide on your aesthetic! Now that the bottle is clean you can decide on how you want to display it. Here are some popular options:

    • Original Style: Ta-da! A clean bottle is all takes to turn it into a beautiful vase. Simply add water and a few of your favorite florals. Alternatively, if you want to fully prep the entire look – get some faux florals from dollar tree so you don’t have to worry about the flowers dying or water spilling.

    • Clean Style: For a clean look, we recommend taking off the label by soaking the bottle in hot water then carefully removing the label with something sharp.

    • Custom: For a custom look, we recommend painting the bottle with your desired wedding tones. Pro tip: Don’t forget the sealant spray for a lasting finish.

    • Glam: If you want to a GLAM factor, it is time to bring out the glitter! Grab your bottle and add a layer of modge podge, cover it in glitter and let it dry. Lastly, add one more coat of modge podge to seal the glitter so it stays securely on the bottle.

  3. Add Florals: Each of these looks is completed with florals added into the mix! Simply add your favorite flowers (or faux florals as mentioned above) and your creative DIY vases are complete!

That is how to create the perfect DIY vases without spending a ton of money on glassware you only need for one day. Use what you have! If it is not a whiskey bottle, these instructions are the same for wine, gin, vodka, tequila…you name it! If you need extra bottles, ask your friends to donate theirs – it is for a good cause: love.

Now, if you find yourself on a time crunch we have another solution for you – rent the décor you need! Stay on budget by finding the rental you need on the ROGO app. You can find sets of vases from other brides or from local rental shops – all with the ease of comparing prices, photos, reviews and more. Easy to use and a life-saver for those last second emergencies!

We hope you had fun with this idea – we would love to see what you created. Tag us on Instagram @rogo_rent to reveal your beautiful DIY vases!