How to be a ROGO Lender

These days side hustles are all the rage. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make some extra cash? Well, you’re in luck because there is a new side hustle that makes it so incredibly to earn on the go. What is it? It is an app that lets you rent your items out to others.

It is called ROGO (yes, go download right now) and the name came from the idea of being able “rent on the go” which is genius! Have you ever found yourself needing some extra chairs? Or a photo backdrop for a bridal shower your hosting? Now you can find amazing event rentals from people near you.

Today, we are going to focus on how to be a lender on ROGO. Whether you are an established business, emerging business or simply someone who has amazing items in your garage…you can easily become a ROGO lender.

How does it work? Here is the comprehensive step-by-step guide on what you need to know.

  1. Download the app! Yes, go check it out. It is so easy to use & you’ll be able to help amazing people have the event of their dreams (while you make some extra cash).

  2. Center button: Click the center button and select “Post to Feed” to create your first post!

  3. Add photos: We recommend good lighting and even some staging or real use scenario that can really sell the vision of how to use your item.

  4. Add a description: We recommend to add as many details as possible! Renters love to know if it is in new condition, used condition, if there aare specific care instructions or transportation nuances to be aware of.

  5. Pick Up & Drop Off: This is its own drop down! As a lender, it is up to YOU to decide how you want to operate your business. The easiest option is to have renters pick up the item at your location but the most successful will be the lenders who stay flexible with the needs of the renter.

  6. Item upon return: This is where you share how you want the item to be returned. There are some basic dropdown options like “same condition as you rented” but there is also an option to choose “CUSTOM” and you can add any of your own specific requirements. For example, maybe you don’t want your dishware to be in the dishwasher by the renter – you can specify that in this area if it is not already listed in the main description.

  7. Rental Price: Add your daily rental price – this is straightforward. That said, please make sure you are not over-pricing because this will make it difficult to gain review and really build your business.

  8. Discount Option: As a lender, you may benefit from adding this option. All you have to do is identify how many minimum days are required to qualify for the discount. For example, if an item is $30 p/day but you rent the item for 3 days or more, the rental price could change to $20 p/day. It is a win/win for lenders and renters.

  9. BLS Price: The fair market value of your item that the renter is financially responsible for in the case they break, steal or damage your item. As a lender, make sure to read our “All about BLS” article to understand how to navigate a situation like this.

  10. STRIPE set-up: Only for your first post will you have to go this step. That said, don’t give up here, this is how you receive your profits and it is the FINAL step before your post goes live!

  11. Submit! Woohoo, your post is live! Make sure to tell your friends and keep an eye on your inbox for incoming orders so you can start that side hustle.

The great news? You can create as many posts as you like! You are only charged when a rental transaction is processed. ROGO charges a 15% service fee to help keep the lights on so you can easily earn on the go.

We would love to know if you created your first post by tagging us on Instagram @rogo_rent – which will enter you in our drawing to win our special giveaways!